What is the IGMG?

IGMG is an Islamic community which comprehensively organises the religious lives of Muslims. The IGMG not only aims at maintaining the Islamic teachings, proclaiming the Islamic creed and communicating religious duties resulting from that proclamation. Other than that the IGMG addresses all issues regarding Muslims while at the same time representing their interests. It is the goal of the IGMG to improve the living circumstances of Muslims as well as to provide for their fundamental rights.


The IGMG’s interpretation of Islam is based on the teachings of the Qur’an and the Sunnah. It is these two sources which constitute the guiding principles for both the community and its members. Islam is a social and individual way of living, the influence of which certainly does not end at a mosque’s doorstep. Beyond that it entrusts Muslims with moral values and duties and therefore plays a significant role in their everyday lives as well. However, it is not the preservation of specific regional-cultural forms of religiosity which the IGMG aims at, but rather the exercise of a faith based on the Qur’an and the prophetic tradition. In doing so, the IGMG explicitly advocates the cultural diversity sustained by the Qur’an and the Sunnah. The IGMG is convinced that the plurality of religious practises is a positive aspect of social life and that therefore Islam cannot be confined to the culture of a certain region.


The vast majority of the members of the IGMG have come to accept that their stay in the Western-European countries will be permanent. Although they do not question the importance of an ongoing relationship with their countries of origin, they do not feel as “guests” any more, either. Rather they consider themselves to be Muslim citizens and therefore an integral part of the societies they live in. The IGMG is aware of its own responsibilities and it is committed to contribute to the wellbeing of the societies in which it operates. Moreover, the IGMG avows itself to its responsibilities regarding the world wide Muslim community (ummah) and it actively addresses the solution of the ummah’s problems. Being a member of humankind, the IGMG also carries out its duties supporting the socially disadvantaged and oppressed people of the world.


The IGMG encourages a life that is bound to values and principles such as helpfulness, unselfishness, and solidarity. Thus it participates in social discourses that conduce to finding solutions to the society’s economic, political, and social problems. Concerning these topics, the IGMG – while orienting by the Islamic sources – continuously seeks dialogue with political as well as other social groups.


The IGMG and its activities are first of all guided by the following divine principles: “strive together (as in a race) in all virtues and in the fear of Allah”, “make things easy for the people, do not make them difficult”. In its relationship with other groups it is important for the IGMG to focus on common grounds, more so than on differences.


Beside the Islamic commandments which are to be fulfilled individually, there are also many spheres in a Muslim’s life that only unfold their meaning when accomplished in a community, such as congregational prayers, Friday prayers, and pilgrimage. Furthermore, a joint effort and an organised structure are a necessity when protecting the poor and the needy, opposing injustice, disseminating what is good and rejecting what is bad, and establishing justice in social relations. This need for collective action induced many Muslims in Europe to come together into one whole, i.e. the IGMG.

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