Historical development of the IGMG

As a result of the economic upturn (“the economic miracle”), workers from Turkey were recruited by the West German government in the 1960s. Willing to work in Germany and other European countries, millions of Muslims from Turkey and other Muslim countries migrated to Europe. Although some have returned back to their home countries, approximately 15 million Muslims live in Western Europe today.


Even in the early 1970s, Turkish workers established prayer rooms in order to meet their religious demands. In the 1980s, these communities united first on the regional then on the national level. In order to fulfil certain religious duties and obligations a central administrative body had to be assembled. Consequently, the forerunners of the IGMG – among others – emerged. The Islamic Community Milli Görüş was founded in 1995. Its programmatic approach reflected the social and economic requirements as well as the realities of the contemporary world. As a result, the activities of the IGMG have been based on these references.


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