The relation between

According to the Qur’an men and women are equal before God and both are given the same religious responsibilities. They possess the same rights and liabilities. Both the Qur’an and the practice of the Prophet clearly point out that men and women complement and espouse each other in married life. Abiding this stance and passing it on to future generations is a task which the IGMG addresses itself to.


The legacy of paternalistic structures that despite the Islamic doctrine have evolved in the Muslims’ home countries for centuries and have a lasting effect even in Europe is something that we dismiss. Contrariwise, we encourage and support Muslim women in actively taking part in European societies, benefiting from educational offers and developing professionally.


From the Islamic point of view, a family is the nucleus of an intact society. It is above all based on a voluntarily established marriage. In the case of conflicts within family life the IGMG offers its support and assistance for married couples.


Standspoints of the IGMGStandpoints of the IGMG

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