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Right-wing Extremist Teachers Must Stay Out of Schools

22. December 2023
Pressemitteilung/press release

Ali Mete, Secretary General of the Islamic Community Millî Görüş (IGMG), issued a statement regarding the ongoing court proceedings against a number of teachers in Ravensburg and Berlin.

 “Recent reports have highlighted that right-wing extremist students are not the sole issue in our schools. Right-wing extremist teachers also pose a significant threat,” Mete said. He added:

“It comes as no surprise that teachers are seeking assistance in dealing with the presence of right-wing extremists in schools. Regrettably, exclusion, bullying, and violence have become distressingly common aspects of school life for many students. The issue extends beyond the scope of what teachers are seeking assistance for. Sadly, there is an alarming presence of teachers with right-wing extremist ideologies in our schools.

The majority of cases go unreported by victims, driven by fear of potential harm or reprisals. School administrations often make concessions, downplay the situation, or even align themselves with the teachers involved. It’s the insinuations and insults made in private, when no one else is around, that reveal this mindset. Yet, these incidents often lack concrete evidence, making them difficult to prove. In such situations, students and their families are left isolated and feel compelled to remain silent due to concerns such as receiving lower grades, being subjected to bullying, or facing other consequences.

Muslim students and their families are particularly affected, facing a double burden in these situations. Besides enduring racism in general, they also confront various forms of Islamophobia, which compounds the challenges and discrimination they face. Muslim students, especially girls who wear headscarves, encounter a significant amount of prejudice and experience anti-Muslim racism.

The numerous applications received by our organization and the desperation expressed by the victims highlight that the problem is deeply ingrained in the system and should not be dismissed as isolated incidents, as exemplified by the cases in Ravensburg and Berlin.

We must strive to eradicate all forms of right-wing extremism and racism in schools, whether they stem from students or teachers.

This appeal for assistance from teachers should be viewed by politicians as an opportunity to address and prioritize this issue on their agenda. While the majority of teachers are undoubtedly making exceptional efforts, doing commendable work, and standing in solidarity with the victims, it is crucial to recognize that there are teachers who, whether due to personal apprehension or misguided solidarity with their colleagues, choose to overlook the situation.

Another crucial aspect is to convey a clear message to perpetrators that their actions will not be tolerated under any circumstances. In matters of racism, even a single case is one too many and must be met with appropriate consequences, regardless of any potential ramifications. This is vital to prevent the establishment of a precedent that would otherwise allow racism to go unchecked.”

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