Khutba: Mosques and Saving Energy

30. September 2022
From the time of the first human being, Prophet Adam (as), to the present day, there has never been a period when human beings were not tested. Although the nature and degree of difficulty differ, we have tried to overcome the difficulties brought by life. This effort, which continues today, will undoubtedly be the case for future generations.

Hutba: Umrah, The Key to Consciousness

23. September 2022
Umrah is a Sunnah Muakkadah in other words a worship that is stated to be a once-in-a-lifetime obligation. Our Prophet (saw) performed umrah, his companions did umrah and until today, Muslims have performed umrah. Amongst people also called "mini hajj". Because both hajj and umrah open new windows in the life and world of a Muslim and reveal horizons full of meaning. For this reason, our organisation has been guiding and encouraging our community to perform Hajj and Umrah since its establishment and trying to bring them together with the Kaaba.

Khutba: Raising Good Generations

16. September 2022
In the religion of Islam we know that religion, life, generations, mind and property are the five basic principles that must be preserved. Among these, the protection of the generation, that is, our children, is a very important issue, especially today. Of course, parents who are mentally sound and do not have psychological problems do their best to protect their children.

Khutba: The Address of Social Solidarity: Mosques

08. September 2022
Man, the most honourable creature created by Allah (swt), cannot live alone. By nature, we are social beings. The continuation of our existence in a healthy way is possible if our social relations are healthy. Starting from family life, as it is a part of the social relations network in all areas of life. The situation is no different in terms of religious and spiritual life. Especially our religion, Islam, shapes our social life with principles and values.

Khutba: To Surrender

01. September 2022
The people of the modern era we live in have reached a certain level of comfort with the development of technology. Today, even ordinary people can easily obtain the comfort and pleasure enjoyed by very wealthy people. Almost everyone can access hot and cold water from the taps in their homes, warm up in winter and cool down in summer. Compared to the past, we have attained blessings that we cannot count. However, despite this wealth we attained physically, we are unable to reach spiritual peace. So to speak, comfort has killed our faith. The most common disease in our times is depression, to which modern man suffers.

Khutba: Remembering Death

25. August 2022
The greatest blessing Allah (swt) has given us is that he created us out of nothing. As one of Allah’s names "Al-Khaliq", He has given us life. Of course, as Muslims, we know that a person's life is not limited to his life in this world. After the life in this world, the life in the hereafter will begin. The unchanging fact of worldly life is that every human being is born destined to death. Allah (swt) mentions in the Quran, “Every soul will taste death, then to Us you will all be returned.”[1]

Khutba: Understanding Morals

18. August 2022
All of the attitudes and behaviors that a person is born with or acquired later are called Ahlaq [morality]. Having good habits and qualities means being moral. It is the Qur'an and the Sunnah that determine what is good and true in the moral principles of our religion, Islam. These two are an inseparable whole. Morals are present in the Quran and were actually expereinced in the life of Rasulullah (saw), who was sent as the best example to humanity.