Itikaf: Time for Worship and Contemplation

06. April 2023
In our authentic Islamic tradition, which is based on the Qur'an and Sunnah, there is a form of worship called Itikaf. Itikaf, as a word, means to wait in a place, to stop and to close oneself somewhere. We know that before the first revelation was revealed to the Messenger of Allah (saw), retreated to the cave of Hira and was busy contemplating.

The Necessity of Social Unity: Zakat

30. March 2023
In Islam, the most important act of worship after prayer is giving zakat. The word zakat, which means abundance, cleanliness, increase and praise in Arabic, is defined in our religion as "Muslims, who are considered wealthy, to give a certain amount of certain types of goods to places determined by Allah".

Month of Mercy: Ramadan

23. March 2023
The month of Ramadan disciplines our souls with fasting, our will with patience, and purifies our property with zakat and fitra. It reminds us that the poor have a right to the blessings that Allah (swt) has bestowed upon us. Therefore, the blessed month of Ramadan is a season of education and peace in which faith, worship, morality and brotherhood are reinforced. In other words, Ramadan is a month in which the most important reward is to be shaded in the shade of the Throne, to gain the success in the next life and to enter Paradise..[2]

Common Harm to Humanity: Racism

17. March 2023
The desire for glory and honour is a feeling that exists in human nature. People who have not reached spiritual maturity try to satisfy these feelings with their ethnicity. They consider the racial unity of blood as the reason for superiority. They despise those other than their own tribe and they think that they can elevate themselves.

Laylatul Baraat

02. March 2023
The three months we are in are the months of mercy, blessings and forgiveness that Allah (swt) has bestowed upon us. Our Prophet (saw) would enter the three blessed months with a different excitement and preparation. He paid special attention to the month of Sha'ban, increased his worship, and spent most of his days fasting.

Feeling of Solidarity and Brotherhood

23. February 2023
The religion of Islam has accepted man as a social and responsible being and has given him some individual and social responsibilities. One of these duties is the feeling of solidarity and brotherhood. For this reason, it is both a religious and a social duty to think about the world and society we live in and to support each other materially and morally.

Patience Against Natural Disasters

10. February 2023
Again, we are faced with a great challenge. The 7.7-magnitude earthquake, the epicentre of which was Kahramanmaraş on Monday night, caused heavy damage in the surrounding provinces and in Syria. We lost a lot of our people. Collapsed buildings, cities in ruins, those under the rubble… These horrific pictures we saw have burnt our hearts.
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