Friday Khutba

The Last Messenger Sent to Humanity

21. September 2023
Rahla Koran

Dear Brothers and Sisters

Prophets are the chosen servants of Allah (swt). They are, in a sense, individuals who have been purified from among humanity. In the Qur’an, the term ‘istafa’ is used to emphasise this point. In the commentaries, this expression is understood and explained as meaning that prophets are made the essence of all creation, purified from negative qualities and decorated with praiseworthy attributes.

He (saw) is such a prophet that;

He is the last in the line of prophets. He believed in the revelation sent to him by Allah (swt) and he did not separate between himself and the other prophets; he confirmed and verified them. Like all other prophets, he too was a ‘Muslim’ who submitted to the commands of Allah (swt) and was the ‘first believer.’

He (saw) is such a prophet that;

Like the prophets before him, he called people to believe in the Oneness of Allah and to worship Him rightly. His primary duty was to convey, explain and invite people to the revelation he received. He preserved what was revealed to him by Allah (swt), never adding anything from his own desires and never concealing anything from it. He delivered, explained and demonstrated to people what was revealed to him, bearing witness to it through his own life and inviting others.

He (saw) is such a prophet that;

He was very conscientious about following the commands and avoiding the prohibitions of Allah (swt). He practiced what Allah commanded before anyone else and refrained from what Allah forbade before anyone else. He made it his principle to live uprightly as commanded until his last breath. To be a grateful servant, he engaged in night time worship and encouraged moderation while avoiding extremes. He advised his daughter Fatimah to be diligent in fulfilling her responsibilities to Allah. He said, “O my daughter Fatimah! Do not rely on the fact that I am a Prophet. Fulfill your duty as a servant of your Lord. If you cannot acquire your soul’s deliverance from Allah, I, too, cannot help you in the least.[1] 

He (saw) is such a prophet that;

He loves the believers and his ummah. Allah (swt) says about him, “There certainly has come to you a messenger from among yourselves. He is concerned by your suffering, anxious for your well-being, and gracious and merciful to the believers.”[2]

He (saw) is such a prophet that;

Even though he tirelessly struggled for the guidance of all people, he was warned by Allah (swt) that you [O Muhammad] may destroy yourself over their denial, out of sorrow. He forgave those who opposed him and responded to those who insulted or treated him rudely with kindness and beautiful words.
He (saw) is such a prophet that;

Indeed, as stated in the verse that we recited at the beginning of the khutba, he was sent as a witness, a bringer of good tidings, a warner, a caller to Allah by His permission and as a light that illuminates the surroundings. His existence and mission are a great blessing and good news from Allah for humanity in general and for the believers in particular.
He (saw) is such a prophet that;

Through him, we came to know Allah, the Qur’an, Islam and faith. He introduced us to the meaning of our existence. He brought us the keys to both worldly and eternal happiness. And for all of this, he did not ask for any compensation from us.
He (saw) is such a prophet that;
Ali (ra) described the Prophet (saw) as follows: “The Messenger of Allah (saw) was always smiling, gentle and kind. He was never ill-tempered, hard-hearted, loud, foul-mouthed, fault-finding or stingy. He would overlook things he didn’t like, never disappoint those who had expectations from him and never prevented their desires…”[3]

Dear Brothers and Sisters

Our beloved Prophet, “He is such a prophet that” we can describe him with numerous beautiful qualities. However, the expression that summarises him has come to us from our mother, Aisha (ra). When someone asked Aisha (ra) about his character, she replied, “Don’t you read the Quran? The character of the Prophet was the Quran itself,”[4]  and she recited the following Quranic verse: “Indeed, you (O Muhammad) are of a great moral character.”[5]

May Allah (swt) keep us steadfast in faith and righteousness. May He make us patient and strong in His path and in the footsteps of His Prophet.

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