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Up-to-Date Religion Policy is Necessary

22. December 2023
Pressemitteilung/press release

Ali Mete, Secretary General of the Islamic Community Millî Görüş (IGMG), issued a statement regarding the outcomes of the Religions Monitor 2023 survey.

“What the Islamic Community Millî Görüş has advocated for over many years is now substantiated by a scientifically formulated approach: Germany needs a religious policy that aligns with the religious diversity within its society,” emphasized Mete, continuing to say:

“According to recent findings of the Religion Monitor survey, it is crucial to take immediate steps towards implementing a modern and relevant religious policy. This policy should duly consider the religious diversity that exists within society. This is not only a constitutional obligation stemming from the state’s commitment to impartiality, but it is also a duty emphasized by the researchers who conducted the study. Additionally, the research also highlights another significant point: Basic interfaith knowledge and skills should be earnestly promoted in schools. While the findings of the Religion Monitor survey are promising, they also shed light on certain worrisome aspects. It is encouraging to see the widespread acceptance of the constitutionally guaranteed principle of freedom of belief. However, when comparing the data over a ten-year period, it becomes apparent that there has been a decline in this particular aspect. One in three people perceives the diversity of beliefs as a ‘threat’, while only 29% see it as an ‘asset’. It provides some solace, however small, to note that concern about religious diversity among Muslims is the lowest at 20%. What is also thought-provoking is the relative paucity of information on religious life in Germany.

Only one in four people in Germany claims to have sufficient knowledge about the lives of Muslims. This result also serves as a message to the Islamic community. Seeing that Muslims represented the largest group among respondents in terms of their contact with people of other faiths is also encouraging. 

The scientists who prepared the study concluded that Muslims have ‘achieved a very strong degree of social integration’. It is now our responsibility to further develop and nurture this positive situation. Indeed, the research indicates that fostering contact with individuals of diverse religious beliefs plays a vital role in cultivating mutual trust and reducing prejudices.

The impression derived from our mosque communities is that religion has a positive influence on fostering social diversity.

The study also reveals that individuals who regularly participate in congregational prayers tend to exhibit higher levels of mutual trust compared to those who do not.

According to the research, the community-building power of religious communities is of significant importance. This finding speaks volumes and holds significant implications on its own.”

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