Friday Khutba

Approaching a New Year

30. December 2021
Mimber Lambalar

Dear Brothers!

The end of a day, a month or a year is undoubtedly an important event. Because every day that goes by, every year that goes by, is like a page that is torn from one’s life. As we are approaching a new year within the generic calendar, we are letting go of yet another year of our life. Allah (SWT)’s given us the blessing of being something from nothing. The greatest proof of our existence is time, and within it is the blessing of life. May Allah ensure us with a life full of barakah and health.

My Dear Brothers!

The arrangement of time is formed with the sun and moon as mentioned in the ayahs of the Quran. The main objective is to effectively and efficiently use the blessing of time. And evaluating where and how we are using our limited energy. Allah (swt) orders us to never waste our time, as mentioned in the Quran, “So when you have finished your duties, then stand up for worship”.[1]

Our beloved prophet Muhammad (SAW) has provided us a warning and guidance through this life by saying “Take advantage of five matters before five other matters: Your youth, before you become old, and your health, before you fall sick; and your richness, before you become poor; and your free time before you become busy; and your life, before your death”. [2]

My brothers!

We are approaching a new year within the calendar. We are also aware that other religions and communities of people greatly celebrate these times as their festive season. Of course, every religion and people has their own festivities. Although these are not the holidays of us Muslims, of course, we should have good human relations with our non-Muslim neighbours, regardless of time period. As Muslims, we must hold firmly onto our own Eids and festive celebrations throughout the year and not engage with those celebrations that are not of our religion.

As another year goes by our main aim should be to take into account our successes and failures of the year and work hard to overcome our weaknesses and further improve our strengths. As Muslims we must realise this particular time of the year holds no special value to us, however if we use this timeframe as a guideline to re-calibrate our lives and account our doings over a period time, it is well worth to take the opportunity.  We must realise that every breath is an Amanah and we will be held accountable for every breath we take. Therefore, let us take this opportunity and this reminder to refrain from non-beneficial and time wasting doings and pour our time and effort into actions that benefit our success in the hereafter and the community.

May Allah (swt) allow us to refrain from israf and always guide us to the path of success.

[1] İnşirâh suresi, 94:7

[2] Hâkim, el-Müstedrek, IV, 341.

Khutba-Approaching a New Year

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