Press Release

IGMG Calls for Participation in Elections

24. September 2021
Pressemitteilung/press release

Kemal Ergün, Chairman of the Islamic Community Millî Görüş (IGMG), called for participation in the elections to be held in Germany on September 26, saying, “I call on all citizens to participate in the elections.” Kemal Ergün stated that he especially hoped that the participation of Muslims in the elections would increase significantly and continued his call for participation in elections as follows:

“We have a new federal election ahead of us. Voters will decide who will rule this country in the next legislative term. This decision carries a great responsibility. Because this responsibility is a responsibility towards society and the way we live together and coexist in this society: a life that respects human rights and dignity or a life that is characterized by hatred and racism.

Votes not cast in elections are counted just like votes cast. With your vote, you change the behavior of the majority of society, thereby influencing the elections. Therefore, I urge all eligible citizens to participate urgently and actively in the upcoming federal elections. Every uncast vote is a wasted opportunity to strengthen our commonalities and weaken the racists.

I hope that Muslim voters will participate in the elections more than before. We Muslims, in particular, need to support the democratic forces with our votes in the face of the dangers posed by the anti-Islamic parties. I wish the election to be completed in a good way and to be beneficial for our country and society.”

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