Friday Khutba

Infaq: Doors of Charity

18. January 2024

Dear Brothers and Sisters!

Allah (swt), in the Surah Al-Baqarah, describes the pious as follows: “Those who believe in the unseen, establish prayer, and spend from what We have provided for them.” One of the most important principles of our religion, Islam, is undoubtedly the act of charity (infaq). Charity involves extending generosity to others from the wealth and blessings entrusted to us by Allah (swt). It means protecting and caring for those in need, looking out for them. It is an effort to be beneficial to our family, relatives, neighbours, fellow believers and all of humanity.

Dear Brothers and Sisters!

In the Quran, which has been sent as a guide to humanity, our Allah (swt) says, “And donate from what We have provided for you before death comes to one of you, and you cry, “My Lord! If only You delayed me for a short while, I would give in charity and be one of the righteous.”

In this noble verse, one of the emphasised points is that wealth, possessions, money and sustenance are given to us by Allah. The true owner of what we perceive as our belongings is Allah (swt). He commands us to share the blessings He has given us with His servants who are being tested with poverty. Our Prophet Muhammad (saw) reassures us that giving material charity to the oppressed and those in need will not diminish our wealth. 

He conveys this through the following hadith: “Giving charity does not decrease wealth. Allah, in His greatness, increases the value of the forgiving servant. The one who is humble for the sake of Allah is elevated by Allah for His pleasure.”

Dear Jama’ah!

A Muslim who possesses a sense of responsibility towards all of humanity does not act selfishly. They do not remain indifferent to poverty and the needy. With the material means bestowed upon them by Allah (swt), they give charity with the goal of assisting the oppressed and those in need. They do this solely to earn Allah’s pleasure, not to appear charitable in the eyes of society. They do not taint their acts of goodness and charity with showing off. As expressed before, one hand should not know what the other hand gives. Prophet Muhammad (saw) informed us that on the Day of Judgment, among the seven categories of people shaded under the throne of Allah, there will be “a person who gives charity so secretly that his left hand does not know what his right hand has given.”

Dear Brothers and Sisters!

Let us always fulfill the command of Allah (swt), who says, “Spend in the way of Allah,” to the best of our abilities and within the limits of our resources.

Let us maintain our belief that by spending in the way of Allah to earn His pleasure, our wealth and possessions will be blessed. The Prophet Muhammad (saw) has said: “Every day, two angels come down to the earth as the morning breaks. One of them says, “O Allah, give to the one who spends (in Your way) a substitute for what he has spent.’ The other one says, ‘O Allah, destroy the wealth of the one who withholds (charity) and does not give it out.”

Dear Brothers and Sisters!

May we, with the grace of Allah, support our organisation’s 2024 Infaq Campaign and contribute to the construction of educational centres, schools, student dormitories and complexes around the world, as our organisation has established through previous Infaq campaigns. Let us do our best within our capabilities to make a meaningful contribution. May Allah accept our charitable efforts in His presence. Ameen.

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