Friday Khutba

Taqwa: The Peak of Servanthood

08. February 2024
Koran Tasbih Grün

Dear Brothers and Sisters!

The Almighty Allah, who created everything from nothing, declares, “I created jinn and mankind only to worship Me.”[1] This statement clarifies the meaning of our existence. The reason for human beings being sent to this passing world is to truly know and worship Allah (swt). The clearest manifestation of worship is undoubtedly having Taqwa. Islamic scholars have generally interpreted Taqwa as “fearing Allah.” Although the word Taqwa includes the meaning of fear, it does not refer to fearing something terrifying, but rather to refraining from hurting the feelings of the beloved, showing respect and responsibility towards the Creator. In this context, our esteemed scholars have also explained that piety is the “consciousness of responsibility towards Allah.” This consciousness of responsibility is realised by obeying Allah, seeking His pleasure and avoiding His punishment. Striving to be pious in this world, where we are sent as a test, is an important duty for every believer. Allah (swt) commands His servants, “O you who have believed! Be conscious of Allah as is His due and do not die except as Muslims [in submission to Him].”[2]

Dear Brothers and Sisters!

Taqwa is to avoid the punishment of Allah by obeying Him and to protect oneself from behaviours that are not pleasing to His will. Piety is the sole measure that gives us value in the sight of Allah (swt). According to our religion Islam, the measure of superiority is not status, position, wealth, property, race, or gender. The verse “The most noble among you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you[3] indicates this truth.

Dear Jama’ah!

In the Qur’an, which is sent as a guide for humanity, it is stated: “O children of Adam! We have provided you with garments to cover your nakedness and as adornment. But the garment of righteousness—that is the best. That is from the signs of Allah that perhaps they will remember.”[4]

The most beautiful garment that befits a believer is undoubtedly the garment of Taqwa. Let us not forget that the most important indication of Taqwa is firstly our responsibility towards Allah, and then towards humanity and the world. A Muslim never remains indifferent to the events happening around them. They do not turn a blind eye to injustices and oppressions present on the earth and in oppressed regions. They strive for the establishment of peace and justice on earth, while staying within legal boundaries. They empathise with the concerns of the poor and disadvantaged, and work to support them materially and spiritually. In the economic sphere, they work towards achieving fair distribution and social justice. On Earth, they strive to prevent ecological imbalances caused by irresponsible production and endless consumption.

Dear Brothers and Sisters!     

Our leader, Prophet Muhammad (saw), who was sent as the most beautiful example to humanity, made dua by saying: “O Allah! Grant my soul its Taqwa and purify it, for You are the Best to purify it. You are its Guardian and Master.”[5]

Especially as the blessed month of Ramadan approaches, let us intend to clothe ourselves in the garment of Taqwa, the peak of servitude. Let us act with the awareness of our responsibilities towards both Allah, who created us from nothing, and humanity and the world. Let us conclude our khutba with the prayer of our beloved Prophet (saw): “O Allah! I seek guidance, Taqwa, chastity, and richness of heart from You.”[6] Ameen!

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Khutba – Taqwa: The Peak of Servanthood

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