Friday Khutba

Khutba: To Be Well-Spoken

12. March 2021
Takka Tasbih Holz

Dear Brothers and Sisters!

One of the most important elements that make a society strong and peaceful is the sincere communication between individuals in the society and being truthful when speaking. Correct and soft dialogues will contribute to the goodness and peace of the society. On the other hand, harsh and rude communications will put people at distance and cause them to move away from each other. Friendships and even relatives will be affected by this, that is, all human relations will be greatly damaged by these situations. This will cause the feeling of trust and the spirit of unity to disappear. So, when speaking, one should speak softly and only tell the truth. Allah (swt) said in the Quran to Rasulullah (saw); “You have been gentle towards them, thanks to the mercy of God. If you were mean and hard-hearted, they would scatter around you.”

People should talk to each other and what is said should be things that are understood by people and that bring society closer to each other; There should not be things that push hatred and enmity. The words chosen and the sentences made should not push people away, they should gather, they should not make them hate, they should make them unite.

Our Prophet Muhammad (saw), who said “Some eloquent speech is as effective as magic[1], drew attention to this style. We must be users of beautiful and true words and we should avoid being users of wrong and unpleasant words.

Dear Jama’ah!

It is a must that the words of a Muslim need to be pure and filled with goodness so that their lives and their environment are also filled with goodness.
Allah (swt) says in the Quran;O you who have believed, fear Allah and speak words of appropriate justice. He will [then] amend for you your deeds and forgive you your sins. And whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger has certainly attained a great attainment.[2] Rasulullah (saw) has also commanded; Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day, should speak what is good or keep silent.”[3] It is an indisputable fact for Muslims that the source of true words is the “Quran” and “Sunnah”, which are applicable at any place and any period in time.

Dear Brothers and Sisters!

On the other hand, the delivery of Islamic values ​​and principles originating from the “Quran” and “Sunnah” to people by an effective method is an important command of Allah (swt). We see in the Quran when Allah (swt) has commanded Prophet Musa (as) and Prophet Harun (as) by saying: Go, both of you, to Pharaoh. Indeed, he has transgressed. And speak to him with gentle speech that perhaps he may be reminded or fear [Allah].”[4] And this ayah teaches us the importance of speaking gently to people until the day of judgement. Our words must be gentle and in a way that does not hurt the people across us. We, Muslims, are the people and Ummah of the last prophet Muhammad (saw) who always adopted softness in his speech. So, as believers must follow what is right, and when we speak, we speak only the truth.

May Allah (swt) make us one of his careful servants who speak the truth and goodness and express this with a gentle way of expression when we speak. Ameen.

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Khutba-To Be Well-Spoken

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