Diversity must be a standart part of schoolbooks

24. March 2021
Secretary General of the Islamic Community Millî Görüş Bekir Altaş made a statement in connection with the scientific study “Immigration and Integration Curricula Reseach” carried out by MIDEM. According to the research findings, the subject of immigration and integration as it is covered in the school curricula in Germany does not correspond to real life. Moreover, the immigrants and Muslims are represented as problematic types in these curricula, reinforcing racist stereotypes. Saying that “the school books cover the subject of cultural and religious diversity in a problematic way and this has to change.” Altaş resumed his statement as follows:

Corona Brochure: The Islamic community amidst the pandemic

11. March 2021
“Even though the pandemic isn’t over yet, it’s time for a first review”, said Osman Yusuf, leader of the IGMG’s communications department. Yusuf spoke on the occasion of the release of a 200-page brochure which highlights inspiring projects launched by the IGMG during the pandemic.

Islamic community welcomes surveillance of the AfD

04. March 2021
“The Islamic community welcomes the nationwide surveillance of the AfD by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution. That was long overdue”, IGMG’s secretary general Bekir Altaş. “A political party which blatantly stirs up hostility and prejudice against religious minorities and certain parts of the population, is a danger to the free democratic order. The announced surveillance is a consequential step that has been long overdue”, Altaş continued.

Islamic Community condemns ECJ opinion on the headscarf

01. March 2021
“We are confronted with another attempt to render Muslim life in Europa impossible”, said Bekir Altaş, secretary general of the IGMG. Behind it is an opinion presented by Athanasios Rantos, Advocate General of the ECJ, on two employment-related cases from Germany. According to the Advocate General, an employer could permit the wearing of smaller religious symbols and forbid larger ones like the headscarf.