Friday Khutba

The Night of Rajab and the Revival of the 3 months

27. January 2022
Koran Tasbih Grün

Respected brothers!

Allah the Most High, who originated everything from nothing, has made different all that he has created. Humans amongst the universe of being, are considered the most honorable of creation while the Ka’ba is considered the most valuable and virtuous of places. Similarly, what is recognized as the three months: Rajab, Shaban, and Ramadan, which incorporates the holiest of nights, is accepted as the most blessed and virtuous of months. The first holy night that signifies the commencement of the three blessed months is Rajab, while Laylat al-Qadr (The Night of Power) indicates its departure. Alhamdulillah, this prosperous season has now drawn near. According to one narration, our beloved Prophet ﷺ within this period would constantly invoke: “O Allah, bless us in Rajab and Sha’ban, and let us reach Ramadan”. From this prophetic prayer we appreciate that we are transitioning from one valuable and blessed climate to another. It is therefore incumbent upon us to utilise this opportunity to the best of our ability while filling each day and moment with righteous actions that will bear witness for us. Each of the three months have unique virtuous actions to fulfil. The month of Rajab is the month of planting, Sha’ban is the month of watering, and Ramadan, is the month in which we harvest the fruits.

Respected Believers!

Rajab is among the months considered as Haram. This implies that this month is respected and sacred because it is from among the most beloved of periods to Allah and the deeds practiced are recorded in a multiplied fashion. It has also been understood to be the season in which all types of evil and oppression comes to a standstill.
Hence, the first Friday night of the month of Rajab, the night that connects Thursday to Friday next week. The word ‘Rajab’ implies something that is profusely desired. Through the night of Ragaib, we capture an important opportunity to reflect to whom it is that we direct our time, interest, and love. For this reason, please pay great attention to the following Quranic verse: And hasten to forgiveness from your Lord and a garden as wide as the heavens and earth, prepared for the righteous”.  Allah the Exalted is commanding us to run towards the means of forgiveness and to the actions that will lead us to paradise. So, let us increase our recitation of the Holy Quran, remembrance of Allah, giving charity, voluntary work and other virtuous deeds.

Dear Brothers!

The two miracles of our Prophet Muhammad ﷺ Isra & Mi’raj, are important nights that took place in the sacred month of Rajab. Allah (swt) blessed us with the Night of Forgiveness in the month of Shaban which is an immense opportunity for salvation. According to a narration from our beloved Prophet ﷺ: Allah looks down on the night of the middle of Sha`ban and forgives all His creation, apart from the idolater and the one who has a grudge against another.” For this reason, it is hoe that the One whose forgiveness is limitless will forgive His servants through His mercy. In another narration, he ﷺ said: None shall ask but he shall be given, except for the one who commits adultery with their private part or a polytheist.” Additionally, let us not forget to also make dua for our brothers and sisters in places like Bosnia, Egypt, East Turkistan, Syria, Yemen, Palestine and Arakan.

Respected Brothers!

If we can become truthful followers of the one who was sent to mankind as a mercy, we will be prepared for the three sacred months and Ramadan. The object here must be to standardise the deeds that we practice in these months in our normal lives. Through the favour and grace of Allah, fulfilling this may enable us to be contenders for His mercy and paradise. May Allah (swt) make us from those who comprehend and benefit from this blessed season. Amin.

Khutba-The Night of Rajab and the Revival of the 3 months

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