Friday Khutba

“The Unifying Aspect of Prayer, the Contemplative Side of Worship”

29. September 2023

Dear Muslims!

At the centre of the communication between Allah and His servants is “revelation.” The Almighty Allah, who created humanity in the most perfect form and sent them to this world, did not sever communication with them. He guided humanity through “revelation” and “prophets” by granting them authority, ability, free will, and responsibility. 

Respected Believers! 

Prophethood and revelation are forms of communication established with a limited number of chosen individuals from the beginning of creation until now. Prophets have invited people to follow the revelations they received. This invitation calls upon individuals to move from the darkness of the unknown towards a light where they can comprehend the meaning of their existence. 

Dear Brothers and Sisters! 

Servants establish and strengthen their communication with the Almighty Allah through acts of worship. In our religion, there are various acts of worship such as prayer, charity, fasting, pilgrimage, jihad, spending in the path of Allah, and supplication. Among these, prayer is the symbol of Islam, and it is obligatory to perform it five times a day. If it is performed in congregation at the mosque, the reward, as expressed by our Prophet, is 27 times greater. 

Honourable Muslims!

A Muslim who prays has recognized the Almighty Allah, communicated with Him, and realized their status as a servant. They have organized their lives in the way their Lord desires, and despite the speed and temptations of everyday life, they have managed to stand in His presence and turn to Him. Prayer is the ascension of the believer. It means conversing with Allah, presenting one’s states of being to Him within the humility of servitude, expressing gratitude, articulating hardships, and seeking His help. It is drawing strength from a power that is always with them, closer than their jugular vein, never leaving them alone. It is remembering the purpose of one’s existence. 

Respected Muslims!

When Muslims go to the mosque for prayer, they unite with their fellow Muslim brothers and sisters. They get to know them, bond with them, and share joys and sorrows. They pray alongside Muslim brothers and sisters from different parts of the world. Though their languages and colours may differ, their direction is the same. After the prayer, their hands are raised in supplication. Believers pray for themselves, their families, relatives, friends, fellow believers they have never met in this world, and even for all of humanity, beseeching the Most Merciful. Through these emotions and consciousness formed through worship and servitude, both individual and societal tranquillity is established. 

The Quranic verse and Hadith we read at the beginning of our sermon call upon Muslims to be conscious and aware in all circumstances and warn against heedlessness. Believers with intellect and awareness are always in a state of remembrance and contemplation, whether standing, sitting, or lying down. They are aware that all their actions are known and seen by Allah, even though they cannot see Him. It is these emotions and consciousness that turn all their states and lives into acts of worship. 

Dear Muslims!  To strengthen communication, familiarity, and neighborliness, just as we have done every year, we are inviting all interested individuals, the curious, and those who wish to meet and know us, to our mosques this year as well. To make peace, familiarity, and peaceful coexistence possible, we will welcome our guests in our mosques on October 3, on Open Mosque Day. We hope that our event will bring about goodness. May our Friday be blessed.

Khutba-“The Unifying Aspect of Prayer, the Contemplative Side of Worship”

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